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Martina & Lutz Kirchhof

Viola da Gamba


Meditating to Music for Lute and Gamba is quite simple: you choose a pleasant place to relax and let your thoughts come to rest. You can focus on your breathing or tune-in to your body until a carefree feeling spreads through you.  Now turn on the music and let it work on you. When thoughts and images come up, let them appear without intervening.

The music wafts you gently into dream spheres of the mind, of colours, feelings and visions.


Audiovisual Meditation


Audiovisual music meditation can be especially effective.  Reinforced by optical impressions, sound and colours can fuse into a flowing stream.  The mind bathes in multidimensional sensations and emotions, everyday stress is swept away and in no time the original harmony of being is restored. You may feel like a child, marvelling at changing scenes in the world around while letting their rhythms entrance you.

© Lutz Kirchhof, Weilburg 2018

Meditation with Music for Lute and Gamba

Wald am Abend

LutzLute  GbR

Martina & Lutz Kirchhof


© Lutz Kirchhof