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Viola da Gamba


BD Rose Viole
BD Chipass

BD Rose Viole

Promenade Concert through the Palais Papius

A dancing style of chamber music for lute and viola da gamba blends with the mysterious ambience of the Palais Papius to form a wondrous synthesis of the arts.

Lutz Kirchhof, Renaissance lute, Baroque lute

Martina Kirchhof, Renaissance and Baroque Viola da Gamba

Total time: ca 75’00  Sound format: Stereo LutzLute LL 16001F

BD Chipass

Music of the traveling Entertainers

The Video for the CD!

Merry dance music for lute and viola da gamba played in the atmospheric old merchant’s house to Lauenburg. In addition, diverse impressions of nature, whose beauty is reflected in the music for lute and viola da gamba. An invitation to dream about nature and music.

Lutz Kirchhof, Renaissance lute

Martina Kirchhof, Viola da Gamba

Total time: ca 50’00   Sound format: Surround 5.1   LutzLute LL15001F

BDs (Blu-ray Videos) with Martina & Lutz Kirchhof

Here you will find VIDEOS that combine the amazing world of QUIET MUSIC with the MAGIC OF PICTURES.

In the time of Leonardo da Vinci, Johannes Kepler or Galileo Galilei music was created as an accustical-mirror-image of nature in unearthly beauty and harmony.


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