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Listening to Music

The meaning of listening to music is often underestimated. Music has strong superficial and internal effects. Through music, the psyche is fed with a richness of information that demonstrates effects on our condition, behavior and mentality.


In many advanced cultures, for example in ancient Greece or in China, this impact on humanity has been known for thousands of years and was supported by the rulers there. I have the impression that in ancient Europe there was also a consciousness of this. A master musician carried with him a great responsibility. His works should show positive effects and bring the people to a state of harmonic and spiritualized development.

Fels und Smaragdeid

By means of the repetitive listening to a certain form of music, a conditioning is called forth which can be either positive or negative. When the listener is first in union with the specific structure of the music, he experiences a desire to hear it again and again.


Music can have very positive effects. However, music has been and continues to be used for negative conditioning. For example, music is produced which is based on a tempo of 72 beats per minute. This pulse should call forth an increased and suggestive receptiveness to external stimuli and is often used in supermarkets.

Therefore it is important that the music we hear often is also a music that is good for us. It shouldn’t be too primitive with the simplest structures which constantly repeat themselves. It should not be consistently unquiet or cheaply sentimental or aggressive. We must decide, consciously, about that which has an effect on us, especially when this music is only “background” music.


Through this, one can test, for example, that in first instance and without hearing anything, one can go into a relaxed, satisfied, awake and conscious state. Thereafter, one listens to the music to be tested and observes how the body feels or the head transforms itself.


A complex and highly-developed music must not be immediately pleasing. One often needs time for it to find a resonance in the listener who also should have patience with this process.


Thereby, this music can have very positive impact on the soul and the condition of the listener.

Lutz Kirchhof

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