Lutz Kirchhof in front of his Mac

I am pleased to see that you have decided to visit my web site and hope that your stay here provides you with interesting information and new ideas.

My music, the music written for the Lute, is somewhat extraordinary. It has a striking effect on human emotions and has been composed in accord with nature. This means that the form and the properties of this music derive their powers from the nature of the cosmos as well as through centuries of observation and through intuitive reasoning which have led to the discovery of the wonders of the universe. The music excites but also has a balancing effect. Via this music, body and soul can find their way back to their origins and to their initial, internal harmony and can discover a renewed energy in life.

Wise men and scholars spoke of the enormous abilities of the Lute. Through these, one should be able to imagine amazing things such as the square of the circle.

Sir Thomas Mace described in detail how through his playing of the Lute, he could be transformed into states of pleasant lightness, a situation that demanded a progressive and highly developed technique which was not mastered by everyone.

What is then intended by the artistic presentation of the lute as “Judge over love, war and peace”?

After many decades of work with this instrument, I have observed how the old masters were not so naïve as I had so readily assumed when I was a younger man.

Lutz Kirchhof