Lutz und Martina Kirchhof mit Barockunstrumenten Gegenlichtaufnahme in Planten und Blomen Hamburg

At this web site you can find information on our work as a Duo featuring the royal instruments, the Lute and the Viola da Gamba.

The combination of both these instruments was very popular in earlier times. Their tonal properties complement one another and in a cordial manner create musical combinations that are refined and rich in contrast, often bringing to the fore secret melodies and harmonies. This music was, so it was said, composed according to nature.

We have an unusually large repertoire at our command and are able to select various forms, styles, composers and epochs from the enormous treasure trove of musical literature.

The music is best listened to in a calm and relaxed state – perhaps with your eyes shut – or only with the intent to re-experience self-composure and spiritual depth.

So can one travel, deeply moved, into the world of feelings and experience the magical powers of a subtle world without borders, outside the realm of our daily reality.

We wish you joy in your discovery.