...kam es am Mittwoch bei dem Versuch unerwünschte Körperregionen  (Bauchbereich) des Lautenisten mit alchemistischen Techniken unsichtbar zu machen...

Martina & Lutz Kirchhof

LutzLute   GbR

Viola da Gamba




Lutz with Baroque lute



Happy Easter!


JOHANNES PASSION of JS Bach under the direction of ANDREAS KÖHS in Dreikönigskirche Frankfurt with renowned soloists: Verena Gropper, soprano, Anne Bierwirth, alto, Georg Poplutz, tenor, Christoph Kögel, bass, and Daniel Strong, bass to the Kurt- Thomas-chamber choir Kantorei Sachsenhausen and the Telemann Ensemble Frankfurt.

Martina before the dress rehearsal

Dreikönigskirche seen from the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) of. Links the (uncanny) ECB can be seen ...

Newsflash - Occult happening in Palais Papius; photographer appalled

At a photo-shoot in Palais Papius on Wednesday, ...

...during an attempt to render the more ample parts of the lutenist's anatomy (abdominal region) invisible through alchemy,...

...the musicians - Herr Kirchhof and his wife - became almost completed dematerialised.

It was only through the dauntless intervention of the fire brigade that the two artists were rematerialised within a few minutes.

The musical instruments have vanished without trace.


The inlay of our Rose Violet DVD.


Schloss Henfenfeld